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An update on our son, the move and things in general

Say hello to Lil’ B. (a.k.a. Mr Seat of his Diaper, though that distinction won’t last much longer.) Lil’ B is Autistic, though you couldn’t tell from the picture of the happy child above. In fact, at most times you’d have problems noticing that there is anything different about him unless you spend time with him.  That’s when you begin to notice that there are a lot of things a two year old should be doing that Lil’ B. simply does not or cannot do.

For one thing, Lil’ B. does not talk, or at least not very much.  In total we think he uses about 8 words.  Of those only Dada, Straw, Momma, Num-Num and Dawg (yes, he has the Texas accent) are clearly spoken.  The others are really just approximations, though we know what he means. He tries to speak fairly regularly, but the frustration of failure leads to some pretty high-tension moments.

Lil’ B. Also does not like to play in the normal sense.  He’d rather be left alone to pursue his favorite pastime, which consists of examining every blade of grass in the yard one-at-a-time to see if it is the same as the last blade of grass.  The fact that they aren’t the same seems to puzzle him and he’s been working on this project since June.

We received the professional Pre-diagnosis of Autism on Wednesday.  Since then our lives have been a whirlwind of activity that, at least for the moment, will end on Monday. There have been staff meetings, meetings with specialists, meetings with Mental health (today) and on Monday we’ll have the first of his therapist meetings.  These are slated for once a week, I believe.

The meeting with the Exceptional Family Members program at Mental Health today will determine our future, at least as far as the location of our home goes.  Their job is to evaluate which Air Force bases best provide the resources to help our son through the issues he will be facing.  There are several bases that provide these services, ranging from California and Washington to Florida and Maryland.  The final choice of destination should be made within two weeks, and I don’t believe that we have any real choice in the matter at this point.  I’ll keep you all updated on that.

Since I made the announcement here that our son was Autistic, we have received a slew of comments, emails and private messages from readers all over the world.  your wishes of good fortune and positive words have helped a lot in a time of very stressful events and I just wanted a moment to express our heartfelt thanks for all that you’ve said and done for us over the past weeks.  Expect to have regular updates posted here as we have more information.

Just in case anyone was wondering, we do not require donations or other monetary help.  For the moment at least our insurance handles these things tidily, with a very minimal co-pay that we are more than capable of meeting.  I am not now, nor do I ever foresee myself asking for help in this venue.  if you feel that something tangible is in order, feel free to email me, and you can send Lil’ B an e card, or if I know you well enough, you can send a card through snail mail.

if you still feel a need to donate something, I do accept advertising, but in this instance I’d prefer that donations be made to the Autism Society of America or one of the other very respectable charities out there.

OK, off to do “normal” things, like clean the kitchen so I can actually post something food related before halloween gets here!

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