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Admitting defeat…

As far as the 12 days of cookies goes, I have to admit my utter failure.  I have been defeated.  Not by the cookies, but by circumstances.  There’s just too much going on right now for me to be able to focus on baking, and almost too much going on for me to focus on cooking.

First, both my wife and son have been fighting with a nasty cold for over a week each.  This thing likes to move from the nose to the chest and hang around.  The little guy is hanging in there, but it’s obvious that he does not feel well.  My wife is a trooper (Well, Airman, but that’s neither here nor there…), she doesn’t complain, but she’s dragging heavily.

The other reason is the news we just received.  My wife has orders to Incirlik Air Force Base, Turkey.  My son and I will not be accompanying her there for several reasons, but it has put added pressure on the family as the whirlwind of meetings and paperwork begin and decisions as to what to do with this, that and the other thing all get hashed out and discussed.  It’s not every day that you have to move a family to two different locations in six months.

In the end, life and circumstances have taken me out of the loop as far as cookie baking is concerned.  I apologize for starting a journey with all of you and not taking it to its logical conclusion.  I vow that by this time next year I’ll have a line up of cookies for you that will span 12 days.  for this year, I hear I’ve just gotten an offer of 3k on my car.  I have to go think about that one.

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