Herb Roasted Chicken Leg Quarters Recipe

Herb-Roasted-Chicken-leg-QuartersFrom the archives. This recipe was originally published three years ago, but has managed to be in the top ten most visited recipes here for the entire time.  I thought it deserved an update and a quick polish.  Hope Y’All still enjoy!

I don’t know if your local market carries them, but around here they occasionally put 10 lb bags of frozen chicken leg quarters on sale. When they do, I jump at the chance to snap some up, knowing that for just my wife and I, this six dollar purchase (sometimes I can find them for as little as three dollars!) will fuel about 5 meals.

The rub is, that’s just a whole lot of chicken. The great part is that chicken is versatile, and legs and thighs are especially so. To be honest though, sometimes I just want my chicken to taste like chicken, and that’s the reason I tossed this together for lunch yesterday.

This is so simple that a recipe really isn’t needed, but I’ll post it in standard format anyway. Adjust the amounts (which I’ve not given) to suit. This particular dish can be a main course or a simple lunch, and can serve from one to as many people as you’d like to feed.

I just love chicken.

Herb Roasted Chicken Leg Quarters Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Simple, flavorful, roasted chicken leg quarters that are perfect for a weeknight meal, but tasty enough for company.
  • Chicken Leg Quarters
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Chardonnay or other white wine
  1. Rinse chicken leg quarters and pat dry. Coat liberally with salt and pepper. Place skin side up in a roasting pan or other oven safe pan deep enough to collect the drippings. Sprinkle rosemary, thyme and pepper on skin side. (Pat in a bit if you like)
  2. Pour enough wine into the dish to just cover the bottom (This will cook off, but adds a nice flavor).
  3. Roast in a 350°F oven for approximately 35 to 40 minutes or until juices run clear if pricked.
  4. Let rest 10 minutes before serving.

What I would done differently had I thought about it at the time:

I would have drained the legs on a rack or paper towel before I served them. Leg Quarters have a lot of fat under the skin, and much of it will render out in cooking. I call that a good thing since the chicken is basically braising on the bottom, but it can be a bit greasy if you are in a hurry to get to it as I was.

Other then that, it was great. In fact, I think I’m going to go make up the rest of it in a few minutes. It’ll make a great quick lunch for both my wife and myself tomorrow.

Here’s an added bonus: If the recipe above looks good, check out this alternate method for baking your leg quarters!

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  1. Vance P says

    Well, depending on the size of the thighs, 40 minutes may not be nearly enough. I used an air-chilled, no solution added brand, and each quarter weighed almost exactly a pound. For this type and size of chicken, you’ll need about an hour. If you want crispy skin, you could melt a little butter or margarine, or you could even use olive oil, and brush on the skin before adding seasoning and herbs. You want just enough to cover the skin, not so much that it runs all over the pan.

    I liked this a lot, it’s really just a simpler version of a couple of other things I make, but my 6 year old son loved it. He ate an entire leg quarter by himself (a lot more than he normally eats).

  2. says

    Thank you! I bought a 10 pound bag of chicken leg quarters for .39/lb. at the grocery store and I was looking for a quick and easy way to prepare them. This looks perfect!

  3. jonathan says

    As a variation, put some herb butter under the skin to get the herb flavor into the meat and not just on the skin. Slice 2 large or 4 small potatoes into 1/8 to 1/4 inch slices. Spread them in the bottom of the pan adding a bit of salt, pepper, and a little oil on each layer. Place the chicken on top and let the fat drip into the potaoes. Depending on the thickness of the layers of potatoes you may need to either give them a head start or put them back in when the chicken is done and resting.

    Now you have a main and side all in one pan and nothing tastes better than potatoes in chicken fat. Yummy!

  4. simera says

    Thanks! I came home expecting to cook chicken breast and was perplexed when I read chicken quarters. Quick, simple and yummy.

  5. Lisa says

    I lucked into the 10-lb bag for $3 today. Now, with my family of nine that’s just two dinners. But I’m always looking for new ideas…

    I also like to make chicken and dumplings out of them…

  6. says

    Our store has that sale quite often. I always stock up when I can get that much chicken for 3 bucks. My hubby is a dark meat guy so it’s a great deal. I bag out the quarters, putting 3 in each ziploc bag. Then I freeze them so I can just pull them out when I need them. This week I did a crockpot chicken using dry white wine. For some reason I end up using more red wine when I cook, but the white was delicious and I think I’ll have to use it more often. I can’t wait to try this recipe.
    .-= Jackie´s last blog ..Garden Planning Preschool Style [Project] =-.

  7. Angie says

    I have never cooked chicken quarters before, but found them on sale for $0.39/lb this week. I found this by googling recipes for chicken quarters and made these for dinner tonight. Yum!! I used a generous amount of wine (enough to have about 1/4″ in a 9×13 pan) and added a little garlic powder to the rosemary & thyme. I drained off the drippings and refrigerated for a few minutes to let the fat rise to the top so I could skim it off, then used the de-fatted drippings with water to mix with a chicken gravy packet (not gourmet, I know, but with 2 kids I have to be quick!). I let the chicken drain on papertowels while I was making the gravy, and served with red potatoes roasted with olive oil and dill, as well as the gravy, which turned out soooo yummy with the wine and seasonings added. Thank you for posting this – I’ll never be “afraid” of chicken quarters again!!

  8. Mischa says

    I had purchased a large package of chicken quarters on markdown and froze them. I defrosted them this morning, looking for a rew recipe to use. I tried the recipe this evening, and it was a hit. I added a little bit of garlic on top, too, and used Reisling instead of Chardonnay. The Reisling gave a nice subtle note to it. This recipe is a keeper!

  9. terry Pearson says

    After reading the other comments I made this on top of the broiler pan(to avoid the grease)and wrapped it in foil.Instead of the wine I poured a beer in the bottom of the broiler pan.baked at 375 for 1 hour and then after removing the foil broiled for 5 minutes.PERFECT!!

  10. Elaine says

    I bought a 10 lb. bag of chicken leg quarters for $4.80 expecting to take it home and divide it into smaller packages. Boy was I wrong! These cheap deals come in one solid frozen rock. They take a while to defrost, also. I got so tired of turning the package under running water that I didn’t want to do much else to the chicken. I spritzed them with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled them with Montreal Seasoning. It was delicious the first night and second. Then we delivered the last 6 leg quarters, already roasted, to a neighbor. Sometime I just want chicken to taste like chicken, too. Sometimes I don’t want to see any more chicken.

  11. Alison @ Femita says

    Simple, yet delicious. That’s how I like my recipes! Btw lovage, bay leaf and basil are great with poultry too. Just make sure they don’t overpower the chicken.

  12. Missy says

    Sounds lovely! I have fresh Rosemary and Thyme growing in my yard, and a huge pack of leg quarters. I only have a red wine, so will try with the red wine and make the drippings into gravy using an easy flour rue first. (Once you learn how to make gravy… it’s really easy) Under the chicken I will bake red potatoes with additional fresh herbs. Add a veggie and I think this is going to be a hit… thank you!

  13. Kristin says

    Im making this now…iit’s in the oven and smells delicious!!! I added the herb butter that I made and put it under the skin…cant wait to try it!

  14. Edith Leigh says

    This looks like another good solution to the dinner rush at our house every night. I’ll be trying it soon for sure. Cheers!

  15. iris says

    I have an absolutely endless supply of free quarters. I threw some in to roast tonight, skinned, rubbed with olive oil and Bragg’s, up on a little rack in a 9X13, white wine poured in the bottom. Then I googled to see how long to leave them in there at 350, and happened upon this recipe. I will definitely give it a try next time I’m in the mood for skin-on chicken and/or get grossed out thinking about pulling the skin off.

  16. Brandi says

    I am having our holiday party tomorrow. I was looking for an easy way to prep 20 pounds of chicken legs and thighs. this looks like the recipie! i also like crispy skin so ill use the butter or olive oil before my seasonings.

  17. Diana says

    As recent “empty nesters” and professionals away from home every day, we look for quick and easy recipes to feed only 2 rather than 5 to 8 people (3 daughters and friends), which is more difficult than you would think after 20+ years of cooking in mass quanities. Had a package of leg quarters in the freezer. With nothing else to cook we googled leg quarters, found this recipe immediately and cooked the leg quarters with the chard as suggested. Awesome, quick and easy! I did add garlic, spiced it up with a bit of red pepper, baked uncoverd in shallow baking dish for 45 minutes at 350, basted the quarters with the drippings and baked another 15 minutes. It was absolutely perfect. While the chicken was in, boiled some small red potatoes and carrots and had a wonderful meal. We finished the remainder of the bottle of chard with dinner. Yummy! Thanks for the idea! It was great.

    • says

      I’m glad that the recipe worked for you! It’s a simple recipe, but often simple is the best, and this dish is proof positive of that

  18. luci says

    Going to give this a try tonight – smells great after just 5 minutes of baking… but where in the heck do you all find 10lb of chicken for $3.00 ???

  19. Jaycee says

    Like some of the other posters, i googled chicken legs and came uponthis recipe. I am going to give it a try after so many rave reviews. Will let you know how it turned out.

  20. JEANNE says

    What a fantistic simple recipe. Went with the garlic/olive oil rub – YUMMY!! My hubby is the chef in the family and he was very impressed!! Thank you!!!

  21. JEANNE says

    Though, I had to read several comments before it finally said cook uncovered. I’m not a novice cook so that info was really welcome.

  22. dav says

    Marinated the chicken in the thyme and rosemary mixture with garlic & pepper and 2 cloves of fresh garlic and enough olive oil to make a paste, for 3-4 hours. Then quartered one potato and 2 carrots and baked at 350 for nearly 2 hours – added a little more pinot grigo after an hour. Wonderful.

  23. Helena Vasconcellos says

    I added some lime juice, just because I didn’t want to throw way two limes I had at home. It gave the flavor a little twist; my husband loved it!

  24. Kellie says

    Funny, I was trying to find a good herb roasted chicken drumstick recipe and kept finding baked ones! This caught my attention because it mentioned crispy skin…the best! I improvised and added a few more herbs and made garlic butter which I rubbed under the skin…haven’t put them in the oven yet, but they smell delicious already. Can’t wait! And since I’m making dinner for my boyfriend, I’m hoping he’ll like them too. Thanks for the recipe :)

  25. Kaylyn says

    So I read through all of the posts, and the LAST ONE answers my question. I have cooking sherry in the house. I will be trying this today or tomorrow. Thanks, everyone, for all of your posts. Can’t wait to try it.

    • Jerry says

      Yes! If you don’t have wine, use stock, water, fruit juice or whatever you happen to have lying about. it will work just fine

  26. Shrazzi says

    Absolutely fantastic! The easiest and most deliciously simple recipe for chicken I’ve tried in years. Thank you.

    • Jerry says

      You are absolutely welcome. i make this dish for family and friends, it’s never done me wrong. I’m happy to share it and I’m very glad it works for you.

  27. blake says

    My old girlfriend Judy showed me this recipe 32 yrs.ago using whole fryer washed dried rubw/O.O.garlic& black pepper.put on a large covered grill w/cover. hot fire one side,bird on other. put a 1/2 coffee can of water directly over fire cover all.take 1 large bottle of good wine, plant rear end on favorite chair 1hr. leave alone and Drink now turn bird 180 degrees by inserting big spoon in cavity,cover & finish bottle! 1hr. test if done by taking tip of leg twist& pull shouldcome out clean. if you don’t have a significant other,this will get you one! p.s.montreal steak seasoning on this tastes much better than their chicken seasoning! Ido the same for quarters in oven @ 300 1 3/4hrs. try on tortillas w/pico de gallo. trust me,

  28. Jayne G says

    This is a delicious recipe. I vary it with different fresh herbs from my garden and spices. Leg quarters are fantastic for an inexpensive meal. I divide my 10lb bags into smaller portions in the freezer for my husband and I . I sometimes parboil the quarters in a pot with seasoning until completely thawed and then put them in the oven baking dish basting w wine, butter or olive oil and some of the broth from the pot. I continue to simmer the broth in the pot for a few minutes more .This leaves me with a nice container of broth for the freezer.

  29. says


    Great, quick recipe! Found you by Googling roasted chicken thigh/leg. Question re: the drippings and remaining liquid in the roasting pan. Couldn’t you use that to make a nice broth/sauce to spoon over the chicken? Any tips there?

    Thank you kindly,


  30. Tavi Greiner says

    “knowing that for just my wife and I” …. it’s “me” – not “I” ;)

    Delicious recipe – thank you for sharing!

  31. Christy says

    Wow, well I had the chicken quarters which I had skinned before ever freezing them but still decided to give this recipe a whirl due to all of the good reviews. So good! I don’t measure either when cooking so this was just right for me and I just continued to baste througout the cooking process. I did also cook for about an hour after reading some of the other posts. Oh, and used just a bit of Argo to the remaining juices to make a sauce…we loved it!

  32. Mari says

    I made this recipe and added some fresh rosemary from my garden. I also made some herb butter with the rosemaryand rubbed it under the skin of the chicken and put some rosemary on each leg quarter, and brusehd the skin lightly with olive oil. My leg quarters were seasoned with lemon pepper when I bought them, so I just added a tiny bit of salt & pepper to that. I poured some white wine in the bottom of my baking dish and served with Mushroom Risotto and green beans and my husband had seconds and told me he wanted me to make it again!

  33. Julie says

    I roast the entire ten pound bag of chicken, serve it for dinner one night, freeze 4 leg quarters with bbq sauce for a quick reheat on a busy night, and shred the rest of the meat and freeze to use in meals that call for cooked chicken. A great deal on some good meat!

  34. Ashley says

    This recipe is whack! I my chicken was still bloody after and hour and a half!!!! Thanks for ruining a special evening!

    • Judy says

      I’ll bet your oven wasn’t heated to 350 degrees. Some ovens don’t heat to the temps they say they’re at. Ever tried an oven thermometer to see if it heats to the temps you set it at? Too bad it didn’t work out for you. Sure sounds like it did for many others. I’m trying it right now and the house smells divine!

  35. Tim says

    Tried it once before with a dry herb. Since I have a fresh herd garden this dish is tasty as all. Mix a bit of Dijon Mustard with evvo and it is really a tasty, healthy delight.

  36. Jerry says

    Can’t use 10# if keg quarters at once? Pull out the leg quarters you need immediately and boil the rest till very tender & shred. Package the shredded chicken in Ziploc bags & freeze. I find 1# bags to be most handy. There are more recipes using shredded chicken than I can list here.

  37. says

    i had that same question, peggy! thanks for asking it. i will be trying this chicken stock/white wine vinegar concoction for this recipe tonight. thanks, jerry!

  38. says

    i ended up using some cooking sherry i found in the pantry. chicken took longer to cook than listed, but once it was done, it was great! thanks =)


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