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TeaCha Tea – Foundations of Tea Pack & Tea Subscription Plus 16% off Promo Code

Tea is one of the oldest beverages in the world. There are five main types of tea, but over 3,00 total varieties, and whether you’re an avid tea lover or just love a good cup of tea, the thought of deciding on which of these is the best for you can be daunting, if not downright frightening. Just how do you find YOUR perfect cup of tea? No problem. Just shoot over to TeaCha Tea and let their tea experts introduce you the world of seasonal and exotic teas from around the world. (Read on for a 16% discount on your first purchase.)

A (Stupidly Brief) History of Tea

The oldest mention of tea on record is from the Shang Dynasty in China over 5,000 years ago. At that time Tea was considered a medicinal drink. It then spread to Japan and Korea, where new varieties were introduced. Tea was introduced to Portuguese traders in the 16th Century, and by the 17th century, tea had spread throughout Europe, Asia and India (mostly because the British wanted to break the Chinese monopoly on tea), with people adding varieties along the way.  Today, Tea is the most popular beverage in the world. Period.

(To learn more about the history of tea, check out History of tea, it’s actually very interesting.)

Review: TeaCha Tea Tea/Gift Subscription Service

How it works:

TeaCha is a subscription service. You shoot over to their website, sign up for your preferred package (There are four packages ranging from a single “Foundations of Tea package to a 13 month subscription that will take you through the world of teas on a seasonal basis) and let the experts at TeaCha Tea pick a selection of the best teas they can find for delivery. Each package includes 2 single-serving bags of 5 different tea varieties, each tailored to the season. They also come with informational cards on each tea.

This is the package I received:

TeaCha - Foundations of Tea Package -What you get in the box

It included 2 bags each of White Peony Supreme, Genmatcha, Four Seasons Oolong, Estate Darjeeling (my favorite, hands down), and Moroccan Ruby Mint. Obvious care is given to preserving the original teas. The bags are high quality mesh filled will loose tea, not powdered or crushed leaves.

TeaCha Welcome Pack

TeaCha Tea lives up to its name in the Foundations of Tea Pack by including a brief description of the 5 tea families , how they are harvested, processed, prepared, and what you can expect from them. It’s like having a tea master in your dining room with you. I found this card to be insightful and enlightening.

TeaCha Tea Information Cards

Each variety of tea comes with a quick learning note card that discusses that particular tea, from the regions where it’s grown, to health benefits, antioxidant levels, how much caffeine the te contains and even suggestions for what to add to your tea or what to avoid.  (Did you know Darjeeling is best without anything added, but that Ooolong is good with sugar and milk? I didn’t either.)

TeaCha Tea Tea 101 information Cards Breakdown

The most exciting part of the journey might be discovering new teas, but what happens when you’ve found that perfect tea? Don’t worry. Once you’ve decided on the perfect cup of tea for you, you can order just that variety from the TeaCha Tea Shop and enjoy it any time you want. Teas can be ordered in bags or as loose leaf, if that’s your preference.

Reults: Does TeaCha Tea Really Deliver?

Our answer. Yes.

The tea was delivered very quickly (Just days from Hong Kong to South Texas), came in perfect condition and is of better quality than I have seen in a very long time. The company is very responsive by email and answered any questions that I had along the way.

What you get:

  • Great Tea at a very reasonable cost for the quality.
  • The chance to try a dizzying variety of different teas, all hand-picked from around the world.
  • The ability to order more of your favorite teas any time you like.
  • The convenience of doing all of this from the comfort of home.

I see no downsides to this company, and my experiences are nothing but positive. The photo at the top of the page was taken on my dining table, using TeaCha Tea Estate Darjeeling, which was a truly enjoyable tea. I’ll be ordering more.

If you want to try these delicious teas for yourself, shoot over to TeaCha Tea, pick out your subscription option or favorite tea, and use discount code SAVE16 on checkout for a 16% discount on your first order. I’m sure you’ll be as happy with your choice as we were.

Disclaimer: I was provided with samples of this product for review. All opinions are 100% my own and I never review products that I wouldn’t suggest to my best friends or my grandmother

Estate Darjeeling from TeaCha

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