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Doctor’s Orders, My Sweet Vegan

It’s not often that I have to look at the title of a food blog post twice. But when the master of meat himself, the preeminent carnivore of the food blogging world and self proclaimed prof of meat, Dr. Biggles, PhM, of MeatHenge tells me I need to go look at a vegan Cookbook, I have to look twice.

O.K. three times, maybe.

After going through all of the stages of mourning, thinking perhaps the Good Dr. had become a vegan himself (No more meat pictures? Noooooooo!), I discovered why he was asking the rest of us to go take a look, and look I did.

That is, just before I started drooling. Not that you can “Look inside”, that would have peen perfect. You can however, get a look at some of the recipes contained within, and that’s enough for me. How does Triple Threat Chocolate Cheese Cake strike you? Not a fan of cheesecake? How about an Orange Dreamsicle Snack Cake, some Butterscotch Blondies, a delectable Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie or Brilliant Berry Parfaits sound to you? I know to me they sound simply Mahvellous.

The following was sent to the Good Dr.s Email. I’m reprinting it here with full disclosure that I got it from him, and I’m not a member of the WellFed Network. I just thought the message should be passed on in its entirety.

As some of you may already know, one of the Well Fed writers, Hannah Kaminsky, has just published her first cookbook. This amazing full color cookbook was authored and photographed entirely by Hannah herself (including the cover) and contains a photo with every single recipe. Though entitled My Sweet Vegan, this beautiful dessert and sweets cookbook is intended for anyone who loves desserts. Hannah’s taste testing panel was in fact, mostly non-vegans. The fact that the desserts need no eggs nor cream, and are cholesterol-free, is just a great bonus for many!Now, there are a couple of facts you may not know. One is that Hannah is just eighteen years of age. She created this entire cookbook during her senior year in high school. Her talent in baking, photography, and crafts is well beyond her years. You can visit to see more of Hannah’s work. She really is amazing. Hannah has just entered her first year in University, and with a little luck, this cookbook will help to ease those college loans and to kick start her culinary career.

Another little known fact, I am also a Well Fed writer, and Hannah’s publisher.

Since we are a grass roots organization, both Hannah and I would be more than honored if you could take a moment to help get the word out about this wonderful cookbook! Passing on the message to contacts or via blogs would be appreciated beyond belief. I can assure you that this professionally designed cookbook will be truly wonderful for anyone’s collection.

Please feel free to use your own Amazon associate’s program. Here is the link to purchase –

My Sweet Vegan

The books are shipping out with plenty of time to arrive for Christmas, both domestically and internationally.

Below are a few photos from My Sweet Vegan, one of the book cover, one of a Mexican Chocolate Tart, one of her Lemon-Lime Sunshine Bundt (to bring a little cheer during the gloomy weather), and a holiday-worthy recipe, Pumpkin Pecan Pie. If you need smaller pictures, feel free to let me know. Just include a comment on this post and I’ll get you whatever photos you need.

The cookbook includes chapters for: Sweet Starts, Cookies & Bars, Cakes & Cupcakes, Pies & Tarts, and Miscellaneous Morsels.

Thank you so much in advance for helping to spread the word, and Happy Holidays!

Best Wishes,

Alisa Fleming
Writer for Fit Fare and Just Baking


Hannah Kaminsky
Writer for Just Baking and Sugar Savvy

To Hannah, I say congrats! I hope this is the beginning of a long and illustrious career ingetting people to eat healthier desserts. I’m going to give ’em a try. What? It’s Doctor’s Orders!

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