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Introducing The Good Gravy Cookbook : 10 Essential Recipes Every Cook Should Know (Or, I wrote a book!)

Hey guys, Jerry here with an announcement I’ve been dying to make for a very long time.

I wrote a cookbook!

The Good Gravy Cookbook : 10 Essential Recipes Every Cook Should Know, is available on Amazon for just 99 cents. It’s a short, sweet and to-the point reference guide for making amazing gravy every single time, and I couldn’t be prouder of the way it turned out.

Go grab a copy here: The Good Gravy Cookbook : 10 Essential Recipes Every Cook Should Know

The book is only available on Amazon, but on a positive note, if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can get the book for free.

Yes. Free. That’s Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Don’t have Kindle Unlimited yet? No problem. You can sign up by following the link below.

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What’s in the Good Gravy Cookbook?

Granted, this is a minimalist tome. It contains just 10 recipes, but each of them is tried and true. Honed to perfection and tested hundreds of times over to make sure they’re easily made in your own kitchen.

In your copy you’ll find the following examples of American comfort food goodness:

  1. Pan Gravy
  2. Classic Brown Gravy
  3. Restaurant Style Southern White Gravy
  4. Southern White Bacon Gravy
  5. Southern Sausage Gravy
  6. Quick Mushroom Gravy
  7. Creamed Onion Gravy
  8. Chicken Gravy
  9. Turkey Giblet Gravy
  10. Chipped Beef Gravy (S.O.S. Gravy)

If you’ve never made great gravy, these are the 10 recipes you need. And if you’re a gravy pro, these are still 10 recipes you’ll want to have around for inspiration.

Hey… Wait a Sec!

Some of my long time readers might have noticed that most of these recipes are already on the blog. You’d be right.

But the recipes in the cookbook have been revamped and re-tested to ensure accuracy, and significant changes were made in editing.  The other recipes are exclusive to the cookbook, and I’m not planning on adding them to the blog until the book becomes available as a free download. So even if you already know some of these recipes well, I think you’ll be quite happy with the changes we’ve made.

We’d love your feedback!

When you grab your copy of The Good Gravy Cookbook (You are gonna grab a copy, right? *wink*), please lave an honest review on Amazon. And yes, I mean honest.

Love, hate it, or just feel it’s “meh”, leave an honest, from the heart review. I promise I’ll read every single one myself. Your reviews let us know if we’re on the right track or if we need improvement. That’s important. It will help us make upcoming cookbooks better.

Once again, you can grab a copy of this cookbook on Amazon: The Good Gravy Cookbook : 10 Essential Recipes Every Cook Should Know.  We hope you like it!

And as always,

Food is love. Share and Enjoy!

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