Baked Chicken Leg Quarters with Braised Onions, a one dish wonder


Remember that big ol’ bag of chicken leg quarters you picked up at the market? The one that’s taking up a ton of room in the fridge because you haven’t gotten around to packaging all the chicken up a and freezing it. Or worse yet, it’s lying in the fridge while you try to decide what to make with all that chicken.… Read the rest

Grilled Cheese with Sautéed Onions and Bell Pepper


The grilled cheese sandwich is without doubt one of the greatest comfort foods, but there’s no reason you can’t jazz it up a bit. Imagine that same sandwich on homemade bread and packed with the sharp bite of sautéed bell peppers and the sweetness of lightly browned onions. It’s a staggering difference that still pairs well with a good bowl of tomato basil soup.… Read the rest

Fish Tacos with Spicy Sour Cream


Fish Tacos. Sweet, succulent fish, crisp cabbage and slightly spicy sour cream all wrapped up in a flour tortilla. I’m not sure there’s a better combination of flavors anywhere. Top that off with the fact that it’s hand-held and you’ve got a real winner on your hands. This is a quick, simple and utterly delicious choice for a weeknight meal.

All you need to put a rock star dinner out is a handful of ingredients.… Read the rest

The Ultimate Grilled Beer Bratwurst Recipe


I’m partial to any recipe that starts with “open two bottles of beer.”  In my case this may not show that the beer is actually going to be used in the recipe, but it almost always indicates a fun meal.  In this case it’s my tried and true method for making the ultimate bratwurst.

I learned the method from an episode of Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello and I want to thank the chef personally for giving me the ultimate method for perfectly tender, juicy and flavorful sausage every time.  … Read the rest

Pulled Pork, Greens and Bacon Sandwich – Put some South in your mouth


This might just be the ultimate sandwich. It’s got succulent pork, bitter greens, crisp bacon and the sweet and tangy combination of vinegar and hot sauce. If there’s a more perfect combination of flavors, I’m not sure what it is. This bad boy has all of that. It’s like putting all the best of the deep South in your mouth with every bite.… Read the rest

Crockpot Ham and Beans – A Southern comfort food staple


Ham and beans is a Southern staple. It’s simple, soul-satisfying comfort food at its very best. You’ll find this dish being made in almost every Southern household whenever a ham bone is available. It’s the best way I know of to use up leftover ham from Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas. (Or even as an excuse to make a ham!) Ham and beans is invariably served with freshly baked cornbread to sop up all the wonderful juices.… Read the rest

Lemon Lime Muffins


After the rave reviews my family lauded on the 3 ingredient muffins we made a few weeks ago, I was itching to take that base recipe and try something new with it. Seriously, there are no end of options. This is a recipe that begs for modifications. You can make these sweet or savory just as easily. The ideas just kept rolling around in my head.  … Read the rest

3 Ingredient Muffins – Perfect Muffins Every Single Time


You can make perfectly moist, succulent muffins in just 20 minutes with 3 ingredients you already have in the pantry.

Let me say that again:

You can make perfectly moist, succulent muffins right now in just 20 minutes with 3 ingredients you already have in your pantry.

I was shocked, too. Actually, I was incredulous. I didn’t believe it was possible, but it is.… Read the rest

Brown Soda Bread with Molasses


Irish Brown Bread is, at its heart, just soda bread made with half whole wheat flour. This particular version ads oats and a bit of molasses, but would probably be made with treacle in the UK. (You try to find treacle in the U.S. I dare you!)

The molasses ads just a hint of sweetness, while the oats give the bread a hint of nuttiness.… Read the rest

Lamb with Champ and Mint Peas Recipe


Many people feel that the cuisine of the British Aisles is somewhat bland and lacking in character. I disagree completely. Most dishes from this region are recipes born of necessity and frugality. They use what was available seasonally, they are prepared simply but yet all are heartwarming and filling. It’s a cooking style that I intend to pursue further over the course of the next year.… Read the rest

Green Beans with Walnuts


If you’re looking for a recipe that will please anyone in your life, this is it. This dish is not only vegan and gluten-free but it’s as quick and easy as it gets. The flavors are complex and satisfying, yet there are only five ingredients. In short, this is the perfect side for anyone without nut allergies.

I’ve seen variations of this dish that include such things as butter, walnut oil, sesame oil and parsley.… Read the rest

Filet Mignon with Poached Egg – The Perfect Filet Mignon Recipe


There’s one and only one ingredient in making the perfect steak, and that’s having the best possible piece of beef available. A cut that’s aged perfectly, marbled well and cooked simply will give stunning results each and every time. Anything less and you’ll be forced to resort to fancy seasoning or sauces to make it palatable, let alone something to swoon over.… Read the rest

Oreo Biscotti – A cookie recipe… Made with cookies!


Is there anything better than OREO cookies and milk? Yes, Oreo Biscotti and coffee! They go well with tea or milk, too. The beverage is your choice, but you shouldn’t wait to make these amazing treats. they’re a new favorite in our house, so much so that we’re already planning variations.

This is a fun, elegant take on a classic. The best part though, is that these are cookies made with cookies!… Read the rest

Egg Drop Soup: Incredibly Simple Comfort Food


Egg Drop Soup (Also called Egg Flower Soup) is quite possibly the simplest comfort food meal in history.  At its core, it has just two ingredients, chicken stock and eggs. Anything else added to the soup is just a bonus.  It’s faster and easier to make than a package of ramen, with twice the flavor. What could be better?

If you often order this soup in restaurants and thought there was some magic trick to getting it right, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the ease of making it.… Read the rest

Crostini with Herbed Cream Cheese and Salami


I love salami. I was raised in the Northern California wine country, so this delectable treat has been a part of my life since I was a toddler. I so love this Italian cured pork that I’ve waxed poetic about it before, here, here and here. Salami in one form or another has been a staple in my refrigerator for most of my life.… Read the rest

The Ultimate Homemade Chicken Stock


I usually try to take gorgeous, sexy photos of a recipe geared to scintillate and entice you into wanting to make it. This post is different. Chicken stock, no matter how you photograph it, is not sexy. It just isn’t. It wasn’t meant to be.

Oh, but it CAN be.  You need to think of chicken stock (and all other stocks, for that matter) like the little black dress of the culinary world.… Read the rest

Mocha Caramel Cappuccino Tartelettes Recipe


From the archives: There’s been quite a stir over these little gems in the past few days, so we’ve updated the post images and recipe.  Enjoy!

I think I’ve died and gone to heaven this time folks. I can’t even begin to do justice to the flavors and textures in this sweet dish. The first thing you are greeted with the crisp Phyllo shell, then there is an explosion of espresso and chocolate so strong and rich that it nearly assaults the senses.… Read the rest

Homemade Baking Mix (DIY Bisquick Recipe Clone)


Let’s face it. Biscuit mixes like Bisquick® Jiffy® are convenient. They allow you to whip out a nearly unlimited number of recipes with minimal effort in the time it takes to open a package. You can make waffles, pancakes, scones, pizza dough, cakes and pastries in just a few minutes with these mixes. And they make pretty darned good biscuits, too.… Read the rest

Bacon, Cheddar and Jalapeno Muffins


Muffins are the perfect grab and go food.  They’re small, portable, and fit easily into our frenetic lifestyles. Unfortunately, muffins tend to be on the sweet side.  They’re packed with heavy fillings or toppings and even if they’re light and fluffy they tend to be a bit… Shall we say vanilla?

These are not “those” muffins. They’re rich, savory, salty, and a bit smoky with more than enough of a kick to make even the most dedicated Texan smile.… Read the rest

Pan Seared Mahi Mahi with Spring Greens and Arugula


Sometimes I think that a dish I make is going to be far too humble to find its way here, but then I do a double take and scramble for my camera gear.  This is one of those cases.  A simple fillet of fish nestled in greens with a bit of dressing.  It’s so uncomplicated and unassuming that it nearly escaped my attention yet in its own way it’s the perfect dish, especially if you’re in a hurry.… Read the rest