Lamb and Yogurt Soup – Finding the soul of Turkish cooking


One of the ways I cope with my wife being in Turkey for her grueling 15 month tour of duty is to try my hand at Turkish recipes from time-to-time.  It helps the family feel somehow connected to her through food, knowing that she can probably purchase many of these recipes in the shops right off base.

It doesn’t hurt that most of the recipes I’ve tried are fabulous.… Read the rest

Fettuccine with Poached Egg and Pesto


This is less a serious recipe and more an ode to summer in all it’s blast-furnace glory.  Basil season is at its peak here in Northern California and has been on my mind a lot lately, even though it hasn’t been finding its way to my plate.  (This is something I plan to remedy very, very soon.)

A very large basil plant inhabits my kitchen but this isn’t about that plant or really about fresh basil at all.  … Read the rest

Hoisin Honey Glazed Chicken Recipe with Sesame Mashed Potatoes


I love Asian flavors.  One of my favorites is hoisin sauce, which is also known as Peking sauce because it’s used in making Peking duck.  Luckily for me, the kids love it too, so I use it often when I want to add a little kick to a chicken recipe or spruce up some vegetables.

The glaze is one of my own creation and stems partly from my mothers Chicken Diable recipe (…Which it seems I have never posted… I have to correct that!)  The glaze is a simple mix of Honey and Hoisin, which comes together in a beautiful pairing of tangy, spicy and sweet all at once. … Read the rest

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Recipe


It’s summer and it’s hot.  In my part of the country this means weeks of 100-plus degree weather.  It’s the perfect time for ice cream… And to play with the brand-spanking-new ice cream maker attachment that my wife bought me for my birthday.  The timing couldn’t be better.

I searched the bloggosphere for a few days trying to decide what I wanted to make first. … Read the rest

Grilled Szechuan Snapper Fillets


I’m usually not the “just grab a bottle out of the pantry and pour over food” kind of guy.  I tend to make my own spice rubs and marinades.  I know which flavors I like and the amount of them that I prefer, but every once-in-a-while something comes along and makes me say “Wow!”

When the nice folks at Lawry’s asked if I’d like to try out two of their new 30 minute marinades I’ll admit I almost said no. … Read the rest