Beef Heart Chili Recipe


Lately I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on the icky-bits.  Firstly, I agree with the nose-to-tail movement.  I firmly believe that if an animal has given me the honor of its very life so that I may eat that no part of that gesture should be wasted.

Granted, the animal in question may never understand the sacrifice it has made or why.  … Read the rest

Herb Roasted Chicken Leg Quarters Recipe


From the archives. This recipe was originally published three years ago, but has managed to be in the top ten most visited recipes here for the entire time.  I thought it deserved an update and a quick polish.  Hope Y’All still enjoy!

I don’t know if your local market carries them, but around here they occasionally put 10 lb bags of frozen chicken leg quarters on sale.… Read the rest

Corn With Peppers and Onions


This is a simple little side dish that my kids absolutely adore and hey, any vegetable dish that I can get my kids to ask for is most definitely worth sharing, right?  It can be thrown together out of  a few simple ingredients and is ready in minutes, yet adds quite a bit of flavor to any plate.

I generally make this using frozen ingredients I always have close at hand, but there is absolutely no reason that it could not (and indeed should not) be made with fresh ingredients if you have them.  … Read the rest