Blueberry Muffin Recipe


AB has never done me wrong. Oh, I’ve done his recipes wrong in the past, but on closer inspection it always turned out to be something that I did, vs. anything that was incorrect in the procedures or methods he handed out. He did us right again this time, and I thank him for it greatly.

My wife whipped these up for breakfast the other morning.… Read the rest

Asian Chicken Soup with Nyumen Noodles Recipe


I love Japanese and Chinese noodle soups almost as much as I like stir fry. The flavors are simple, pleasing and sustaining while still managing to be very light, something most American soups and stews cannot accomplish. This is an Asian inspired soup. This dish was not made from any traditional recipe, I just added flavors that remind me of other soups I’ve had in the past and with a pretty good result if I do-say-so-myself.… Read the rest

Pan Seared Pork Loin Chops with Corn Chutney Recipe


What does a foodie make for lunch? Perhaps a better way to phrase that question is to ask what a foodie who generally hits the kitchen with no idea what he’s about to make cooks for lunch, because when I threw this together I had absolutely no concept of what I was going to do with what I had, just that I needed lunch on the table in under 30 minutes and I wanted it to be a fairly light meal.… Read the rest

Banana Nut Bread Recipe


If there is one thing that I ask my wife to make more than anything else, it’s her particular take on banana bread, zucchini bread falls in at a close second. To be honest, I’m a sucker for just about any bread that features nuts or vegetables… Or beer. The combination of flavors, textures and the aroma that fills the house while these breads are baking is something that really can’t be described, but belongs in every homeowners manual under “the first thing you should do to break in your new home.”

Apparently our friend Naomia feels the same way.… Read the rest

Roasted Acorn Squash Soup – Sinfully delicious, without the guilt

Roasted Acorn Squash Soup

I’ve been blaming a lot of other food bloggers for my entries here lately, and today seems to be more of the same. This time it was Katerina of Daily Unadventures in Cooking who decided my fate for me. I was just taking my daily dose of food blogs when I ran across her recipe for Acorn Squash with Toasted Seeds, and I knew I had to make it, or something like it.… Read the rest

Ale Bread – The Resurrection – the Ultimate Ale Bread Recipe


I had originally meant to title this post “Ale Bread Part Deux”, but I really didn’t want to make it into any kind of a tribute to Charlie Sheen. (Not that I have anything against Charlie, mind you!)If you’ve been keeping up with this blog over the last year, you’ll know that baking is one of my biggest fears and is something I usually leave to my wife, who excels at it.… Read the rest

Tomato Basil Soup Recipe

Tomato Basil soup Recipe

Fall is just about upon us. Cooler weather has settled in over much of the country. Most of my fellow food bloggers have broken out recipes for braised, slow cooked foods that highlight the best ingredients that fall, or at least late Autumn, has to offer in their area. Looking over their recipes has me dreaming of cool afternoons and a dutch oven simmering over low heat, waiting to offer up its succulent slow cooked contents for our family, and my son’s first taste of braised pork roast or slow roasted chicken.… Read the rest

All-Bran Muffin Recipe… Just like Mom used to make!


Everyone has certain foods that remind them of their youth. A taste or smell that takes you back to a time when your biggest worries were things like what to wear to school on Monday, or whether that certain someone would actually look at you in a classroom. A time when things were a bit simpler, when Saturday mornings were the only time to watch cartoons and you waited all week for it.… Read the rest

English Muffin Breakfast “Pizza” Recipe


Who said breakfast had to be predictable? Just because you’re in the mood for breakfast ingredients such as bacon and eggs doesn’t mean that they should be served in the classic manner. This little gem of a breakfast idea shares the same basic ingredients found in fast food breakfast sandwiches served in paper wrappers across the country, but the resemblance ends there.… Read the rest